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Розробник: MobiliThink Solutions, Inc.
1.99 USD

** Check out iLudo! **

** Also check out South Parks Season 11 Episode 8 Le Petit Tourette. Absolutely hilarious and thats where this application was inspired from! **

Have you ever wondered if you had sudden and random urges to do something? Well, thats what this game is all about! At random times, you will have to either say or do certain things... such as farting right there and then! This is the point of Syndrome, just as people with Tourettes Syndrome (as an example) cannot control their random urges, thus you can not either!

Note this game works best in public and/or in front of strangers :-) Also you can dare your friends...

There are 22 built-in actions (farts, burps, hug someone now, cry now) that you must do and you can add more yourself!